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Age Is Just A Number. Do You Agree? Here’s Why!

Age is just a number. Do you agree? Here’s why!

We keep on saying the worldwide famous phrase “Age is just a Number” constantly at all occasions.  But let’s be real. How many times have we actually meant it without being victims of cultural conditioning and negativity?

Remember the last time you said “I’m too old” for that bumpy car ride or “too young” for that new job? How many more chances are you to miss due to the number of years you’re on earth? You never know how many more are left, so how can you dare to wait?

Never too old!

Most people I work for are quite old and experienced in contrast to me. One of the main complains they make is that they’re too old to have fun or to party, for romance, to watch animated movies in theatre and mostly for the technology (things like Snapchat). When people mark themselves “too old”, it means they fear to make a move of change. A number can’t take your guts away; it’s your mind fooling with you.

No one is ever too old to do what they please, or to take new steps. Learning and creating memories are to be exercised till death. They’re going to laugh while you make your stay worthwhile.

The young, the better

The society has determined certain ages for life milestones such as moving out or marrying, but for accomplishing success; there certainly isn’t one.

The history books are filled with very young minds such as Alexander, Tutankhamun etc. Yet if you aren’t a history-holic like me, the top startups in Sri Lanka are great examples. Most of them were established by young leaders, who took the odd way without being doctors and engineers of their parents’ choice. They are operated by a very young crowd too. You live in the 21st century, where Malala a seventeen year old won the Noble Peace Prize. If she can, so can you.

Dare yourself to develop and make changes. If you fail it’s okay, because you’re ‘young’. Let them complain what a badass brat you’re filling in success.  Make the young blood within you conquer milestones in a flash.

Don’t fear the judgments

We live in a society of judgments and ‘age’ is yet another famous indicator. We fear to do or say what is running in our mind, because we fear being judged and put down. If you think it’s just you, you’re not alone. I myself fear to expose my age with mostly my write-ups or my doings. They say, my writing is too grown-up and my actions are too immature for my age. They blabber by only counting the steps I’ve walked but not the escapade I’ve encountered within each step.

Never underestimate neither your capabilities nor your age and especially don’t get them mixed up. It’s the knowledge and the experiences which count. The world is going to judge, make sure you aren’t a part of that community; who’ll point the finger at another.

Let the haters hate!

You might pretend to be someone who you aren’t, because you’re afraid to be criticized and downgraded. By being so, you are entertaining the worthless around you, whose greatest pleasure is blockading you. Backstabbers are the commoners; they shouldn’t mean two cents for you. Let the haters hate; you just got to be yourself – and shake it off!

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake I shake it off, I shake it off – Taylor Swift

Surround yourself with the right crowd

Find associates who will admire the person within you. Connect with people who will not dissuade your dreams saying you’re too old or too young. Make sure they have similar ideologies which will make you comfortable to be yourself. Add your circle with flexible companions, who aren’t extremists. We need both our mature as well as immature selves at different circumstances in life. You cannot succeed if your pack is an extreme in either of them.
Your crowd creates a huge impact on you.  Don’t let them keep your true self under wraps.

There is a child so young and amateur within all of us, and a responsible bold grown up as well.  Don’t let your birth certificate determine whether you’re young or old. Grow old in experience but keep your heart young. Live with the true consideration that ‘Age is just a number’, not only when it comes to you but everyone.

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Manishi Suriyaarachchi

Manishi Suriyaarachchi

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