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Are You Addicted To ‘Average’?

Are you addicted to ‘Average’?

You watch too much TV. You play too much. You’re lazy. You love to sleep a lot. You hate change. Everything seems impossible to you. You gossip too much. You don’t read much. You lack a strong purpose. You have no goals for your life. Your life seems out of control and is just a boring rat race.

Welcome to the average club. At least to “my definition” of what average is. But, is it really wrong to be average? Actually no and in no way do I mean to offend anyone at all. As humans, we have the perfect liberty to be who we want and do what we want.

But, I feel the need to warn you against what I call the auto-pilot syndrome. You see, pilots use the auto-pilot feature to guide the airplane towards a chosen destination. However, the irony, is that many of us put our entire lives on auto-pilot. We simply choose to go with the flow. Be it career, relationships, financial status and so on and so forth. We fail to map our routes nor have set destinations as to where we want to reach.

Hopefully, you don’t crash. But very often you end up at this “destination” that you really dislike. Soon, you start settling at this destination and it becomes your home and you become accustomed to it and that in essence becomes your life. Is this where you were meant to be or could you have settled in much greener lands?


In essence actually, no one is average. Then what’s wrong? It’s the actions. We all have choices at our disposal and sadly many of us choose ‘average’ actions. This is where the main problem lies. Who you are today is a direct reflection of what you have been doing in the past few years and that comes down to choices and decisions you have made.

My humble request is to self diagnose and see if you suffer from the auto-pilot syndrome. If you feel you have all what you ever wanted in life, then congratulations. If you feel otherwise, then you need to consciously think if you have settled for ‘average’ on anything. Step back, take a look at your entire life and start taking complete control of it. Set course and steer the plane to where you want it to reach.

Finally, today is the youngest you will ever be or (God forbid) the oldest you could ever be. So take control, take some chances and add some flair to your life captain.

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Thawseef Jaleel

Thawseef Jaleel

Amateur Economist. Design fanatic. Sharing economy advocate. Co-founder of My commitment = Driving positive change through entrepreneurship!

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