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How to create a career of meaning and purpose in Sri Lanka

student loan in sri Lanka

How to get a student loan in Sri Lanka

Are you thinking of advancing in your career? Do you need an MBA to pass…

awesome workplace

How to create an awesome workplace? A Sri Lankan guide

I’m gonna lay it out without sugar coating it. The world is structured in a…


How to start a business while going to university? SurfEdge reveals how they did it

Are you a Sri Lankan undergraduate? Then we have a question for you. What do…

What to do next? An unconventional guide to Sri lankan university graduates

Alright, now you have graduated. What’s next? Now it’s time to find a job. No…

Sri lankan university

You can’t succeed with a Sri Lankan university degree! Here’s why

If you have graduated from a Sri Lankan university, congratulations! Now what? Have to find…

cold calling

Hate calling strangers? Here’s how I overcame the fear of “cold calling”

Calling someone over the phone has become a daily routine in our lives. I remember…

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