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Ecommerce Essentials

How to Start a Successful Online Business

COVID – 19 left many businesses devastated. But one thing is for sure. E-Commerce is the way of the future.

People who’ve never purchased anything online started ordering online. Those of us who never dreamed of ordering vegetables from a website did just that! Physical stores were forced to sell online. Those who didn’t, will not survive.

In the future, there will be more customers who want to purchase more products online.

If you’ve been dreaming of starting an online business, there’s no better time than now!

Starting your own E-commerce business sounds scary. We get that. That’s where we come in.If you want to build an E-commerce business that can be managed by YOU or a small team, this workshop is for you.

From creating your own E-commerce website to getting paid from your first customer, we are going to cover every step of the way. If you’ve no idea where to start, this is the workshop for you.

By the time you finish the workshop, you’ll know every step you need to take to start your own E-commerce business.

What you will learn

  • What is an E-Commerce business?
  • How to decide what to sell online
  • How to know for sure if customers will pay you
  • Why & How to register your business (Sole-proprietorship vs. Private Ltd)
  • How to create your own E-commerce website (Woocommerce)
  • How to get paid from your customers (Internet Payment Gateway)
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • How to deliver your products (Cash-On-Delivery)
  • How to start marketing your business (basics)
  • FREE resources and tools to run your business

Who should attend

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to start and run your own e-commerce business in Sri Lanka. It doesn’t matter what you do or your age is. As long as you want to start an online business and run it on your own, this workshop is for you. If you’re currently employed and thinking of starting an e-commerce business as a side-hustle, you’re welcome too. (You don’t need any technical skills such as coding and building websites.)

How long is the workshop

3 hours with Q&A

How many participants

20 participants only

When and Where

28th of November (Saturday), 2020 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. This is an online workshop conducted via Zoom.

Your Coach – Nishan De Silva

Nishan De Silva

Nishan is the founder of and He built an e-commerce business ( from the ground up with zero knowledge of building websites and currently is one of the best websites to buy bestselling books in Sri Lanka. He is going to share everything he learned from trial and error for 4 years with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

How much?

Value is Rs.2900 only

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not happy after the workshop, let us know and we will refund your money. No questions asked!

Don't Take Our Word

The training is well structured and delivered timely for anyone interested to start their own E-Commerce business in Sri Lanka. It gives you first hand information and a 360 degree view of what needs to be done from the start to the end to sell online. Very good insight on how to start an online business, how to set up your own website and how to market your products for the first time. Well worth the money spent for anyone who needs to understand the concept of selling on the internet. Genuine training  offered by a genuine  trainer looking to help everyone sharing his own experience.

Gerald Prakash Sriskantharajah
Currently I have followed 3 workshops of , which were great and the information shared during the sessions were very much practical. I am a fan of E- Commerce Essentials Workshop which gave me the required information to begin my own E- Commerce, which is great and I did the exact same thing which was discussed during the workshop and it went really well.
The cheat sheet provided after the workshops have loads of useful information. I wish I knew much earlier than this. I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a second source of income other than their full time job.
Dilshan Malik

E-commerce is one of those things we all know a little about. I’d say this is one of the biggest reasons why someone might be skeptical about a fantastic workshop like Jump’s E-commerce Essentials. If you can fire up your trusty search engine and fill any remaining gaps in knowledge for free, you might also wonder, Why bother with a paid class?

Here’s why I think Jump’s E-commerce Essentials workshop is worth the investment. In the span of 3 hours, Nishan provides excellent value by condensing years of hard-won personal experience navigating the various global and local systems, platforms, providers and gateways needed to build a viable end-to-end e-commerce business in Sri Lanka. Instead of having to dig around for information on your own, you get a quick download on everything from validating your idea of planning your packaging, alongside shortcuts to the best-in-class resources for each area.

Throughout, Nishan seamlessly drifts in and out from the nitty-gritty of pricing your products and understanding legal liabilities to the bird’s eye view of why you need a website or how you should decide what to sell. What makes this an interactive and customized experience is that Nishan also makes himself available to answer your queries– both during and after the session.

Piyumi Kapugeekiyana

I was so fortunate to attend your last workshop on “How to start an E-commerce Business in Sri Lanka”. This was my first experience with Jump and it was indeed very positive. You covered all the relevant details end to end and infact shared some important tips as well. The way in which you explained the steps of starting an e-commerce business would get anyone who attended the workshop starting a business straightaway. You put it so simply and in a way that is easily understood by a person of any age category or background.

Even a difficult process like creating a website was explained so well giving a step by step guide, so everyone could understand and be confident that one could do it. I admire your genuineness in sharing some experiences you went through at the initial stage of your business. I’m sure all these may have encouraged the participants who’d have that fear in them to go ahead with their business idea.

So Nishan, thank you very much for sharing your experience and also the lessons you’ve learnt in the process of setting up your business. The technical aspects covered together with a detailed step by step guide with relevant tips will no doubt be a useful manual anyone could refer to even at a later stage. Best wishes in your journey ahead..!!

The workshop on how to start an e-commerce business conducted by was an exceptionally informative experience. I had no intentions of starting an e-commerce business when I signed up for this workshop but I walked away with multiple ideas for potential businesses. Every high-level step to be taken when starting an e-commerce business was well explained in sufficient detail from product & website creation to logistics & delivery. I was amazed to find out that such a sophisticated website could be built on my own without coding and the help of web developers. Furthermore, a tremendously valuable cheat sheet was shared after the workshop which details the same steps discussed along with vital resources and guidelines. I would highly recommend this workshop to any hopeful entrepreneur who is considering starting a lean online business with minimum investment.

Thilina Abeysuriya

I have now been to 2 workshops organized by Nishan from One which discussed How to Invest in Sri Lanka, and the other which was on how to start your own E-commerce business. The workshop on How to Start Your Own E-commerce business was well structured, easy to understand and HIGHLY INFORMATIVE.

Starting your own E-commerce business can be a daunting task for many people. Even those who are tech-savvy don’t really have a clear idea on how and where to start, what kind of costs may be involved if their idea would work, how to build a site from scratch etc. Nishan pretty much de-mystifies all of these things in his workshops and they are WELL WORTH THE MONEY THAT YOU PAY.

Nishan with his blog and business is really providing some honest education to Sri Lankans on this subject.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning how to start and run their own internet business one day.

I participated for “How to start an e-commerce business seminar and it was just what I needed to ‘jump’ start my online business and I learned everything from registering my business to payment gateways to packaging and so on.

Thank you so much for conducting these programs and educating, especially the young generation to achieve their goals. Keep it up and all the best.

Who said you need to learn coding to set up your own e-commerce website? The workshop on how to start your e-commerce business gives a step by step guide for anyone to start your own online venture in a few hours. It’s rare to meet people who have the heart to share their hard-earned knowledge and make everyone win, Nishan is one of them. Thanks, Nishan.

The workshop by Nishan of game me the insight and the tools needed to set up an e-commerce business that I have been putting off for ages. He cleared any fears I had and answered the questions that I needed answered. I look forward to more workshops from him.

Very informative and a real eye-opener to my business. Well-presented and very enthusiastic. I would strongly recommend this workshop for someone considering starting a business and getting into e-commerce.

Nishan’s workshop on How to Start Your Own E-commerce Business is a great program to get a birds-eye view of how to start and operate an online business. this program is especially useful for aspiring entrepreneurs and local businesses. the program is structured to cover all primary aspects of an online business. it is informative and insightful and the information is shared with so much passion. highly recommend it to anyone who is up for a new project to develop a business.

I have been to 2 Jump workshops so far. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for ways to improve their current financial position, whether it be by starting a business or by investing. Because I attended these workshops, I now know a multitude of useful, practical pieces of information that I didn’t before. For an example, I now know exactly how to build an e-commerce business from scratch (I always thought this was out of my league and needed a lot of technical knowledge), how to register a business and how much it costs, how to start investing in the Sri Lankan and US stock markets (I myself have invested about $200 after learning how to do it) and how to manage my personal finances better. I was just an average person with an average job who had no idea why and how some people had so much money and why people like me didn’t. But now I am starting to see that there are things I can do, practical steps I can take, to slowly increase my net worth. Thank you, Nishan for conducting such practical, useful workshops!

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