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Heartbroken Or Rejected?

Heartbroken or rejected?

At one point or another in life, we’ve all been heartbroken or rejected in love, by that one person which meant the world for us. There has not been a time which our immortal feeble hearts didn’t fall for someone who was totally out of our league and ended up crying our self to sleep on being cheated, or hearing that two letter word even superheroes are afraid of – NO!

For anyone who walks away or refuses to stay in your life, there is one factor you MUST consider. That is, “if they truly deserve to be special”. Cause if that person was, he would’ve made a thousand attempts to make you his. Yet he didn’t, because he doesn’t deserve you, or because you guys might never have made it to “walking down the aisle.”

Life is not all about the ups. It’ll always give you a bit of disappointment now and then. You must be adroit to defy both pros and cons thrown at you as it’ll only end up bringing what’s best for you. Therefore it’s okay to be rejected after openly expressing your feelings (your fundamental rights confirm it too). Many fear to be rejected and consider it as a shame. As a result of this fear, we tempt to love silently. As to love in silence you’ll find no rejections. Yet it’ll find no solutions either. You’ll be hopelessly crushing on someone for the rest of your life and regret once they’ve settled down. Therefore, do be open, do take risks. As being rejected isn’t a shame, it’s not THE END.

You are just presuming an uninvestigated assumption if you tend to contemplate that ‘someone’ as the best and only suitor for you. There exist none called the “PERFECT ONE”. It’s just a matter of our perspectives. A fool play by our mind. Don’t get seizure by some feelings for a once upon a time stranger.

Why waste all the moments you could’ve smiled on crying over him? Why are you moving away from others when he moved away from you to reach out to others? Why stay awake crying throughout the night, when he is probably fast asleep dreaming about someone else? Why are you risking your “happily ever after” when he is building up his with another?

The worst feeling in the world is, knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough. Don’t let that feeling drown you to the worst. Heartbreaks change people. Don’t let that change ruin and tear you apart. Let that change be your revival, let it make a revolution in you. Use the pain to develop yourself for YOU, not to make that person crawl in jealousy or to make him crawl back into you.

Start loving yourself and go on looking for what you really deserve, because there’s billions of lives, of which at least million is on its way to your life.

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Manishi Suriyaarachchi

Manishi Suriyaarachchi

Full-time conscious dreamer. A smiling assassin who recasts her fluctuations into an inspiration for a new masterpiece. Keep watch! Maybe you're her next story fabric.

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