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Why You Shouldn’t Quit Being The “Hopeless Romantic”

Why you shouldn’t quit being the “Hopeless Romantic”

Are you the boy or the girl with the ‘big heart’? The person who doesn’t have halves nor quarters in her plate when it comes to love. If so, have you ever thought, whether you’re given the full package in return?

Let’s take a walk down how you love, shall we? You aren’t the one to fake it, nor lose hope. No matter how many times you’ve been in love and broken apart for a new love, you give your fullest affection. Comparing is a big No! for you. You don’t compare the person you’re in love with his hot best friend or your ex-boyfriend. As for you, everyone is uniquely beautiful. You accept their pros and cons, and love them equally. There are better options; you know that for a fact. Yet you prefer to stick to your man or lady, because it’s neither looks nor fame that matters to you. It’s the BOND.

As for you, it’s always you who gets betrayed one many times and ditched for a prettier face. You want to tell him or her, that the ‘good looks’ won’t give the same kind of love. But you step back. Instead you blame yourself that you aren’t good enough and cry yourself to sleep. Resulting you to gradually isolate yourself because you’re afraid to love.

The century we live in can best be described by Drake’s Doing It Wrong lyrics.

hopeless romantic

In such times, you are a person of intangible importance, born in the wrong era.  In love you value commitment and loyalty over social media comments and likes, and flex into solutions when things seem to go down.

You try to understand before jumping into conclusions about your partner and give him, his personal space to live. You are the exact person that is missing in contemporary relationships that lasts only few months. Not thousand Instagram likes can sum up to level you strengthen your relationship.

Cut of the “I’m not good enough” phrase, because you’re the kind of lover, deep down everyone dreams of walking down the aisle and settling down with. As you are the “ride or die” type, who is currently in love with a person who isn’t wise enough, to see through your skin. You might fall for people who’ll say you’re over-caring and you love too hard. Such people should not discourage you, but help you to look for someone stronger. You are not an ordinary lover, but a hopeless romantic. You deserve someone genuine, who will hustle for you and give you the full package back.

You might fall for wrong guys, but that’ll only teach you life lessons and get you one breakup close to true love. You might not fit in, but that does not mean there is not another divergent to tag together with you.Do not give up being yourself or try to change for someone who is too blind to see your true value. You are special, you’re one of a kind. Give yourself your true value as it will make you realize that you deserve the best.

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