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How to start a saving habit in Sri Lanka (video)

Each month you set out to save some money from your salary or income. But usually what happens is you end up spending everything that you earn. If this is your story, this one is for you. Saving money each month is a habit and like every other habit, you need to practice it. Even if you save some money this month, if you don’t make it a habit, you won’t save in the next month.

In this video, you’re going to learn exactly how you can make savings a part of your life.

Step 1 Create a separate savings account

Step 2 Decide how much you’re going to save each month

Step 3 Decide the date you’re going to save each month

Step 4 Create a standing order in your bank account

And that’s how you start a savings habit.

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Nishan De Silva

Nishan De Silva

Nishan is the founder of He is a life enthusiast who loves reading and eating. His ambition is to travel 100 countries before dying (even though he hasn't been out of the country yet!)

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