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Do you want to take control of your money and start investing?

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Investing Essentials is currently closed for new registrations. We do this to update the course after every batch.

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When it comes to money and investing, most of us feel stuck and frustrated.

How would your life change if you wake up every day knowing that,

That’s not a dream anymore.

If you want to take control of your money and start investing, join Investing Essentials.

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What is Investing Essentials?

Investing Essentials is a course that will take you from “not knowing what to do with your money” to “having total control over your money.”

By the time you finish the course, you’ll know exactly how to take control of your money and you’ll know exactly how to invest your money in Sri Lanka.

Investing Essentials is more than an investing course

One thing that most investing courses ignore is Personal Finance. They teach where you should invest your money but they don’t tell you where to GET that money.

If you have no control over your money, you’ll have no money to invest!

That’s the bottom line.

That’s why Investing Essentials start with Personal Finance. Once you know how to manage your money, you’ll have enough money to invest.

Investing Essentials go beyond theory

When it comes to investing and money, most of us have very practical questions. 

Questions like what do with our money, how to spend it and where to invest.

By the time you walk away, you’ll have answers to all your practical questions.

This doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on theory. 

In fact, you’re going to learn just the right amount of investing theories that can help you to make everyday decisions about investing. 

Your coach

Nishan De Silva

Nishan De Silva

Hi, I’m Nishan De Silva. The founder of Jump. I am a Personal Finance and Investment coach who conducts regular workshops on Investing. Over the years I have gathered practical knowledge of Personal Finance, Investment Habits, and Psychology of Investing.

course content

What you will learn

Module 1 Introduction to Investing

Module 2 How do you make money by investing

Module 3 Planning your investments

Module 4 Automating your Financial Life

Module 5 Credit Cards

Module 6 Practical Investing in Sri Lanka

Module 7 Investing in Stocks

Module 8 Investing in Units Trusts

Module 9 Government Securities and other Investment Opportunities

Module 10 Applying everything learned so far


Don't take my word

I came across on YouTube at the end of 2020. I Learned a lot of basic investing through those videos. Coming from the science field I was introduced to many investing options which I never knew I would even be interested in.

I found Nishan's explanations easy to understand and reliable. I followed the Investing Essentials course in April 2021 which I got to know through the newsletters shares with interesting tips. The course was excellent, especially for anyone from a non-financial background. Well explained. Wishing all the best to Nishan and team .

Sahani Dias

Consultant Optometrist


Answers to questions you might have before joining

Great question! Compared to my YouTube videos, Investing Essentials is massive. When you join the course, you’re going to get access to more than 60+ video lessons. But that’s not it. I dive deep into so many concepts that I can’t squeeze to a YouTube video.

The other problem with YouTube is, there’s no structure. You’re learning one thing here and another thing there. Investing Essentials is designed to take you from fundamentals to practical investing. It’s structured to provide you the big picture of investing. Once you’re done with the course, you’ll have a wholesome knowledge about what to do with your money.

Absolutely! In fact, I designed Investing Essentials keeping beginners in mind.

That’s why we start with core fundamentals. You will first learn the basic concepts of money management and investing. Then we gradually move into practical investing. And I made sure to explain them in detail so that anyone can understand the concepts (even if you haven’t learned anything about finance before).

Even if you’re already investing, there can be gaps in your fundamentals. One thing I’ve learned over the years is, knowing what to do isn’t enough. You need to know why you’re doing it.

If you have any gaps in knowledge, especially around core concepts of investing like compound interest, inflation, risk vs. return, managing your spending, paying off your credit card debt, automating your investments – you will benefit from Investing Essentials.

However, this is a beginner course. If you feel like you have a thorough understanding of fundamentals and you know what you’re doing, Investing Essentials is not for you.

If you know your fundamentals and you’re already investing in stocks and units, this course is not for you.

If you’re looking for some insider stock tips or get-rich-quick tips on secret investing, this course is not for you.

If you’re looking to invest Rs.50,000 and make a Rs.1 million within a short period of time, this course is not for you.

If you want to invest in gold or Bitcoin, this course is not for you.

No. Learning to pick stocks is not something that you can learn with a beginner investing course. For most investors, it takes a life-time to learn and master stock picking.

However, this course provides you the necessary foundation you need to start investing in the stock market. By the time you finish Investing Essentials, you’ll have a thorough idea about how the stock market works and you’ll know where to start.

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