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Do you want to take control over your money and start investing?

When it comes to money and investing, most of us feel stuck and frustrated. Tell me if this sounds familiar.

  • We have no idea what’s happening to our money.
  • We want to save regularly but somehow manage to spend everything that we earn!
  • We have so many bills to pay each month (and miss the due dates!)
  • We have mountains of credit card debt.
  • We don’t have any savings for an emergency.
  • We want to invest but have no idea where to start.

How would your life change if you wake up every day knowing that,

  • You are saving and investing money automatically in all the right places.
  • You have planned for your retirement.
  • You are covered for any emergency expenses.
  • All your bills are paid automatically so that you don’t have to worry about them, ever.
  • You have total control over your credit cards.
  • And you have enough money left to spend on all the things you love.

That’s not a dream anymore.

If you want to take control of your money and start investing, join Investing Essentials.

Investing Essentials is a course that will take you from “not knowing what to do with your money” to “having total control over your money.”

By the time you finish the course, you’ll know exactly how to take control of your money and you’ll know exactly how to invest your money in Sri Lanka.

Investing Essentials is for Everyone.

If we look at our lives, most of us are doing what we do for money. We are working for money. We run our businesses for money.

Whether we like it or not, everything ultimately comes down to making money.

The moment you have control over your money, you will have control over your life.

That’s why I say, Investing Essentials is for everyone.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you feel like you need to take control of your money, this course is for you.

Investing Essentials is more than just an investing course.

One thing that most investing courses ignore is Personal Finance. They teach where you should invest your money but they don’t tell you where to GET that money.

If you have no control over your money, you’ll have no money to invest!

That’s the bottom line.

That’s why Investing Essentials start with Personal Finance. Once you know how to manage your money, you’ll have enough money to invest.

Investing Essentials go beyond “theory”

Have you ever attended a course where you felt like you didn’t get answers to any of the practical questions?

I have attended and I know how frustrating that can be. 

When it comes to investing and money, most of us have very practical questions. 

Questions like,

  1. What should I do with my money?
  2. Why should I invest?
  3. How is savings different from investing?
  4. Do I need a finance degree to invest in?
  5. How much should I invest each month?
  6. Where should I invest my money?
  7. Do I have to analyze financial reports and calculate various ratios? (Hint: no you don’t!)
  8. How do I make money by investing? (There are only 2 ways your make money by investing)
  9. How is inflation slowly eating out everything that I earn?
  10. Why do I need an emergency fund?
  11. Is saving money in a bank a good idea? (Hint: not really!)
  12. Am I spending too much?
  13. How do I track what happens with my money?
  14. How do I pay off my credit card balance?

By the time you walk away (virtually), you’ll have answers to all your practical questions.

This doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on theory. 

In fact, you’re going to learn just the right amount of investing theories that can help you to make everyday decisions about investing. 

Here's what you will learn

Module 1 Introduction to Investing

  1. What is investing?
  2. Why do you want to invest?
  3. Six misconceptions about investing
  4. Difference between savings vs. investing

Module 2 How do you make money by investing

  1. The ONLY 2 ways you make money from your investments
  2. How to navigate inflation
  3. How much should you expect from your investments
  4. Can you invest in Risk-Free assets?
  5. Compounding effect (BEST strategy to grow your money over time)

Module 3 Planning your investments

  1. How much should you invest each month
  2. Two most important investing goals
  3. How to setup an Emergency Fund

Module 4 Automating your Financial Life

  1. #1 Rule of investing
  2. How to automate your investments and savings
  3. Automate all your monthly expenses
  4. Learn what happens to your money (and what should happen)

Module 5 Credit Cards

  1. #1 Benefit of a credit card
  2. How credit card interest is calculated
  3. Minimum payment mafia
  4. How to never pay credit card interest and late fees
  5. Pay-off your credit card balance in 5 easy steps

Module 6 Practical Investing in Sri Lanka

  1. How to think about Risk vs. Return
  2. Practical investment opportunities that you can immediately start

Module 7 Investing in Stocks

  1. What are stocks and Why do companies issues stocks
  2. Colombo Stock Exchange
  3. How can you invest in stocks
  4. How to select a stockbroker (Recommendations are included)
  5. How buying and selling stocks work
  6. How do you make money in stocks
  7. Simple HACKS to get started in the stock market

Module 8 Investing in Units

  1. What is a unit trust
  2. How do you make money in units
  3. Different fund types
  4. How to practically invest in units
  5. Benefits of investing in units (great for beginners to start)
  6. Deep dive into unit trust fees (Fee comparison sheet is included)
  7. What to consider before selecting a unit trust
  8. Recommended funds

Module 9 Government Securities and other Investment Opportunities

  1. Treasury bills
  2. Treasury bonds
  3. Fixed deposits (not a great investment!)
  4. Introduction to EPF & ETF

Module 10 Applying everything learned so far

  1. Beginner investor example
  2. Advanced investor example
  3. Final thoughts
Here's a Demo from the course

Once you join the course, this is how the Learning Portal would look like. It’s a simple Learning Management System that you can easily access by logging into

Your Instructor - Nishan De Silva
Nishan De Silva

Hi, I’m Nishan De Silva. The founder of I am a Personal Finance and Investment coach who conducts regular workshops on Investing. Over the years I have gathered practical knowledge of Personal Finance, Investment Habits, and Psychology of Investing.

Don't take my word for it

Investing Essentials used to be a live workshop that I conducted for more than 2 years before converting it to an online course. Here’s what previous participants had to say about the workshop.

I am a B.Com graduate with a specialization in accounting. I am also a passed finalist of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ontario, Canada. Therefore, when Nishan said that during his academic career he has not learned adequately about “money” I could not agree with him more. Nishan is a very smart individual who is able to create a different attitude about money and investing. His workshops are very informative especially for beginners who are just entering the Sri Lankan financial markets. More than anything he is able to transform your mindset towards investing and helps you take the leap towards financial freedom.

Malithi Tissera

Financial literacy is an important skill which we didn’t learn while schooling. Even though I’m majoring in Accounting I didn’t have a precise idea on how things work in real life. So,  “Jump workshop”  was an eye opener to me. Nishan covered an appreciable scope during a limited time period which included personal finance management, investments and savings.

Summing up if you want to be financially savvy and make smart financial decisions “Jump workshops” are the best opportunity to learn from basics. Genuinely it’s one of the most inspiring and insightful workshops I’ve attended.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re still on the fence, hear me out. I offer 30 days to try out the course, risk-free. I am confident that you will immediately start seeing the results of Investing Essentials.

And if you’re not happy with the course after 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Just send an email to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the course?

Click Join the Course Button. Then make the payment. Once you have made the payment, you will have access to the course.

How can I make the payment?

We accept credit/debit card payments via a secure payment gateway. We don’t accept Direct Bank Transfers.

Do I get access immediately?

As soon as you make the payment and enroll, you’re going to get full-access to the course.

Should I finish the course at one sitting?

No. You can take it at your own pace. whenever you want to access the course, you can login to the website and access it.

Can I access the course using my mobile?

Yes you can. But we highly recommend you to use a computer to get the full experience.

Are these video lessons?

Yes. Every lesson is a HD video lesson. There are more than 60+ videos in the entire course.

I have no prior knowledge about investing. Can I still join?

Investing Essentials is built for anyone who wants to take control over your money. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. You don’t need any prior knowledge to join Investing Essentials.

I have more questions. What should I do?

Send your questions to [email protected] and we will answer them right away.

Investing Essentials is closed

Investing Essentials is currently CLOSED for registrations. We will open it soon. You can join the waiting list by submitting your email address below. Once you sign up, you will get a confirmation email. Make sure to confirm your subscription by visiting your email inbox (or check in spam).

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