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Why Should Your Business Go Mobile?

Why should your business go mobile?

Here’s a challenge!

Try keeping your mobile locked away where you can’t reach it for a whole hour.
Yes, we can hear your screams of despair from here!
Fine then, what about keeping it away for 20 minutes? Still no? Well, we feel you. We would answer the same way, and so would millions of people all over the world.

Our lives are extremely connected with mobile devices. Studies have revealed that an average person checks their mobile devices at least 85 times a day! 85 TIMES! This is almost equal to one third of the time a person is awake. People are addicted to mobile devices and they are not even aware of it.

With all these statistics, if you are a marketer trying to find the ways in which you can reach the most amount of potential customers and the closest ways you can pitch your product or the services to them, mobiles are your best bet.

For the past few years many people have been telling that “mobile is the next big thing in marketing!”, and that prediction has already come true and is very much alive right now. Mobile is THE best thing in marketing at the moment, and it is up to you to reap the maximum potential of exposure you can get for your company through mobile, while it is still hot!
If you are still not convinced, let us list down why exactly your company should have an updated, effective and functional mobile strategy in order to stay aloft in this competitive market.

Reach your customers at any point of time

From the moment they wake up until they go to sleep again, people look at their mobile screens all the time. This is a level of visibility you cannot achieve using traditional marketing methods. Your customers expect you to be available whenever they need you and if you focus merely on desktop and offline methods of reaching your customer, you miss a great amount of time they are shopping, running errands or generally on the road. A fully mobile optimized website or a dedicated mobile app will close this gap for you, allowing your sales to increasing considerably.

mobile business

Power of mobile advertising

The time you allocated the most of your marketing budget for print, tv and other offline media is clearly over. Internet and mobile penetration is getting increasingly high all over the world. Did you know that out of 7 billion people on Earth, 4 billion own a mobile and only 3.5 billion own a toothbrush?! With this massive reach, when you hit the mobile market the chances that the impressions of your advertisement converting into a sale is much higher than when you use the traditional methods.

Keep up with the competition

To put it simply, if your competitors have a user friendly app along with a mobile optimized website and you don’t, they are going to exceed your sales and generally win the competition without a doubt. In this extremely competitive world where time is the most valuable commodity, consumers expect your product or the service to be easily reachable through mobile, and they want it to be fast!

Boost the reputation of your brand

Virtual world is mostly visual. Hence, people make snap decisions of your brand within mili-seconds after seeing your website. Mobile users of internet and related services have exceeded the desktop users and therefore, if your company does not have a well optimized mobile website or an app, despite the reputation that you have offline, the credibility of your brand can go downhill.

This is the era of mobile devices, and you cannot escape it!

Having a well-researched and functional mobile strategy has now become an integral part of the overall business plan of a company. A proper mobile strategy is an ever growing process of understanding the needs of your customer and offering ways of improving their user experience, increasing the connection to the company and leaving your website or the app feeling satisfied.

Do not approach creating a mobile strategy with the mind that you need a mobile presence since everyone else is doing it, instead, you should focus on being reachable to your customer at any point of time and altogether offering the best method for them to access your product which mobile provides more than any other available method!

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Vindya Vithana

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