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Learn how to master your time and do more with less

sri lankan news

Don’t consume Sri Lankan news. It’s ruining your life!

I know. I know. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it out loud. At least, not…

how to buy your first car in sri lanka

How to buy your first car in Sri Lanka. Don’t make the same mistakes I made!

I was frustrated for a long time. This was one year since I graduated from…

cold calling

Hate calling strangers? Here’s how I overcame the fear of “cold calling”

Calling someone over the phone has become a daily routine in our lives. I remember…

Declutter your inbox

Easy steps to declutter your inbox

Decluttering my Gmail inbox has been one of my dreams that I thought would never…

How I “free” my time to do what I love!

Lately I’ve been hearing complaints from my friends about how time flies so quickly and…

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