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Sometimes, ‘Adjusting’ is just not the Cure. Let go.

Some years ago, the bold independent Manishi thought of trying out something new and out…

perfect partner

Finding the perfect partner and winning the lottery. Will it ever happen?

Are the odds of finding ‘The One’ as low as winning the lottery? Even with…


Are you the “overprotective” lover in your relationship?

In relationships, you either love or babysit. You love because you're someone's girlfriend or boyfriend.…

Trust me, it’s always your responsibility

It is a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you…

hopeless romantic

Why you shouldn’t quit being the “Hopeless Romantic”

Are you the boy or the girl with the ‘big heart’? The person who doesn’t…

4 relationship flaws that are actually good even though you don’t see it

Love is everything about the little ups and downs which secretly strengthens your bond each…

Catch yourself Jump.lk

6 ways to “catch yourself” from falling into negativity

Have you ever felt that you can’t stop how you are feeling? Maybe you blame…


Stop depending. Start living.

Life throws rocks at us constantly and depending on people and things which change consistently,…

Love Jump.lk

Heartbroken or rejected?

At one point or another in life, we’ve all been heartbroken or rejected in love,…

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