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Most of us think that investing is a really complex subject that only a selected few can master. Well, that’s a misconception. Investing is a really simple concept to grasp and you don’t need a finance degree to understand what investing is.

In this video, Nishan simplify the definition of investing so that even a monkey could understand.

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What is investing? – Investing is now difficult How to start an investing habit – 80% of investing is psychology Automating your money – Know exactly what to do with your money Investment opportunities in Sri Lanka – A list of practical opportunities so you can start investing right now How to plan for your retirement – Why and how you should plan for retirement

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Nishan De Silva

Nishan De Silva

Nishan is the founder of He is a life enthusiast who loves reading and eating. His ambition is to travel 100 countries before dying (even though he hasn't been out of the country yet!)

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