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Stop Depending. Start Living.

Stop depending. Start living.

Life throws rocks at us constantly and depending on people and things which change consistently, we are only inviting a dozen more. We tend to depend our lives on everything and everyone around us. That once it disappears, your smile and happiness will wane- Leaving you hopeless.

It makes us miserable when everything we rely on, turns us down.  You shall starve and be wretched, till something new pops up to lean on. The cycle continues; and you’ll keep begging strangers to be your sunshine. Yet why not step out yourself to be your sunshine? To be independent?

Step Out of the ordinary

Sticking to the ordinary will make you blind to see a life beyond.  Open yourself up for the breeze to bring a bit of variation once in a while.  It will make you strong and confident without letting a single factor define you.  You will be happy having bonds, yet will not fear and panic when they change either.  Instead you will be equally strong in both mind and soul to let it go and move on.

Screw sad soul

Don’t let bad experiences devour your life. How come the loss of a workplace or a person which gave zero value and care towards you, become a bad experience? You feel so because you’ve greatly depended on them instead of yourself and your competence. Destiny doesn’t pluck factors off our productive life for no reason. We just interpret it wrong.

Stop depending Jump.lk

Are you employed?

If so, don’t depend your whole career on a single company. It’s the last productive push which will develop your profession. CEOs reading this will say I’m wrong. Relax! Work from the bottom of your heart, but never let compliments nor condemns define your abilities. Your success shouldn’t depend on kudos and rewards. Your failures shouldn’t be due to kiss-asses, jealous co-workers and corrupted bosses.

There will always be workplace crisis. Your career is your creation, while your current workplace is just one of the many floors given for you to perform. Don’t breakdown and stress out. Identify you capabilities and skills as mastering yourself is the true power. It’ll result you to witness an array of career opportunities ahead.

The goal isn’t to impress the world; the goal is to impress you

Don’t let the opinions of others consume and haunt your spirit. Your life shouldn’t depend on an external decision maker, but you. Be comfortable with yourself.  Start to recognize the fact that you are beautiful in and out. If anyone is not satisfied or comfortable with yourself, be smart enough to hold the door for him to walk away from you.

Don’t let a particular factor give the meaning to your whole life. Anything or anyone cannot define your life but YOU.Who you are, what you do, where you work or who you associate in the present define who you are right now, but not what you aspire to be. The best choices for your life, lives within you. The time has arrived, to start writing a story of your own. Be confident and dare yourself to be independent, to be none other than YOU.

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Manishi Suriyaarachchi

Full-time conscious dreamer. A smiling assassin who recasts her fluctuations into an inspiration for a new masterpiece. Keep watch! Maybe you're her next story fabric.

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